A Jewish gay couple rode into their wedding on a unicorn… and that’s just the start

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A wedding photo from a few years ago has gone viral again, because it features a same-sex Jewish couple riding into their wedding on a unicorn.

The wedding took place in 2012 between Danny Rose, a producer known for Scrubs, and Aaron Rosenberg, an entertainment lawyer, at the Paramount Studios in Hollywood.

The image, taken by Maya Myers Photography, has been re-shared recently on Imgur, and is available below. The couple dubbed the horse a “Jew-nicorn”, and it wore a Jewis prayer shawl called a tallit.

A video of the ceremony, which was rather glitzy, was also shared on Vimeo, and is available here.

Danny Rose and Aaron Rosenberg – October 20, 2012 from BuckleyVid on Vimeo.

As well as their entrance, the couple also featured a performance of Gangnam Style by Korean pop singer Psy, and Courtney Cox and John Legend attended the ceremony.

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