Scottish wedding venue denies telling gay couple: ‘We can’t allow people like you here’

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

A Scottish wedding venue owner has refuted claims that she told a gay couple: “We can’t allow people like you here”, after they enquired about marrying there.

Stephen and John Devaney claimed Loch Lomond Waterfront owner Suzanne Cottam voiced her opposition to same-sex marriage, and turned them away when they enquired about converting their civil partnership to marriage there.

Cottam denies saying the words the couple attributed to her, but declined to clarify with PinkNews whether they were actually turned away from the venue.

She says she has been subjected to abuse after reports came out about the couple.

A statement was released this afternoon on the venue’s website, which read: “We would like to put the record straight about false allegations made about us in the media today.

“Suzanne Cottam did not say the words attributed to her, nor would she do so because of her Christian faith and her belief in the dignity of all people.

“Due to the hysterical nature of the reporting, we have been inundated with foul, abusive and sometimes threatening messages. We urge the press to exercise caution in repeating the false claims being made about us.

“Suzanne has an independent witness who was present throughout the conversation and can back up her version of events.

“As a result of the serious defamatory comments which have been made and published we are taking legal advice as to what remedies may be available to us.

“We will be making no further comment on this matter at present.”

In a telephone conversation with PinkNews this afternoon, when asked whether the couple were turned away from the venue, Cottam refused to answer.