Falkland Islands planning to introduce civil partnerships ‘relatively soon’

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The Falkland Islands will reportedly legislate to introduce civil partnership or same-sex marriage legislation in the near future.

The British Overseas Territory of the Falkland Islands, which has a small population of under 3000 people, maintains legal autonomy from the UK in a number of matters, and lags behind on a number of LGBT rights issues – providing no recognition to same-sex couples.

However, during a Legislative Assembly debate on a pensions bill in January, Financial Secretary Nicola Granger indicated that the Islands will move on the issue of civil partnerships or same-sex marriage in the near future.

According to the Falkland Islands News Network, she said of provisions in the pensions bill: “My understanding is that civil partnerships is a piece of legislation that will be coming before the House relatively shortly, at which point we could move a further amendment to this bill to relate to that matter.”

In addition, it is proposed that both step and joint adoption will also be recognised.

The United Kingdom and Argentina both claim sovereignty of the Falkland Islands, which are known by Argentina as Islas Malvinas.

The Crown Dependencies of Jersey and Guernsey also lag behind England, Scotland and Wales on LGBT rights.

The Bailiwick of Jersey is currently in the planning stages of introducing a same-sex marriage bill – though it faces opposition from some church groups on the island.