LGBT activist facing charges after faking his own abduction

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Adam Hoover, the co-president of Marriage Equality Ohio, has been arrested for making false alarms after he posted a series of tweets claiming to have been abducted.

Hoover, who recently campaigned to get a memorial for the late Leelah Alcorn, posted tweets begging for help because he claimed he was in the boot of a kidnapper’s car.

Police told Fox 19 he is facing a misdemeanor charge for making false claims.

Hoover posted that he had been forced into the boot of an abductor’s car and told that his family would be killed. He claimed he used social media so he would not be heard talking on the phone.

Hoover's Facebook post

Hamilton County’s emergency services was met with hundreds of calls after a hashtag #FindAdamHoover was spread through Twitter.

Youtube personality Tyler Oakley was among those who tried to rally people into finding Hoover but suspected it might be a hoax.

He tweeted: “I’m not sure if it’s real, and I’m the first to suspect internet hoaxes, but my gut is saying it’s better to share & be wrong than not share.”

After he had been released, Hoover’s mother posted on his Facebook account to let his followers know he was safe.

LGBT activist facing charges after faking his own abduction