Parent tells lesbian tutor she ‘should be ashamed’ for teaching a 4-year-old

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A lesbian tutor of a 4-year-old has said child’s parent told her she “should be ashamed” for teaching, “because of the impact it could have on children”.

Twitter user @Elbell122 tweeted screenshots of text messages she apparently received from the parent of a child she was tutoring.

In the texts, the parent asked if the tutor is gay, and when she confirmed that she is, the parent wrote: “Well I don’t want you to teach [name omitted] any more as it’s against what I believe.”

The tutor then replied: “Being a lesbian has no impact on my ability to teach [name omitted] and as he is a four year old student of mine it is hardly as though I’m going to me mentioning that I’m a lesbian.”

The parent responded to say: “Just because you directly told him does not mean he can’t be influenced by your lifestyle and I would like to save him that for as long as physically possible. Children can be very easily influenced by a person in a position of responsibility. You should be ashamed that you are putting yourself in one when you are fully aware of the impact it could have on children.

“I thank you for your support with him so far but from now on I will find a different tutor.”

She clarified later that she did not believe the parent’s motivation was based on religion, and declined to release the telephone number, despite calls from followers to do so.

The tutor also confirmed that she was not being paid for the tutoring work, but rather she was helping out a friend of a friend for free.