Singer Josh Groban: If I were gay I would have no problem saying it

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a pink background.

Addressing rumours around his sexuality which have lingered for years, singer Josh Groban has said he would have no problem coming out as gay, but he is not.

Speaking to PrideSource, Groban said he realised he was a gay icon when gay men told him about his growing fanbase.

On rumours that he is gay, which have followed him his whole career so far, he said: “Honestly, if I were gay, I would have had no problem saying it from day one… I would have nothing to hide if that were the case.”

Commenting on the fact that people have asked him if he was gay for years, he said: “People have speculated, have wanted to speculate – whatever, fine. I’m not gay, but if I were, I don’t review it as a bad thing. If I were, I’d say, ‘OK, fine, speculate all you want and let’s talk about it.'”

“I’ve grown up with gay friends; my parents have had great gay friends. I come from such an open-minded family background,” he continued.