Michigan governor says he will veto ‘religious freedom’ bill

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Governor Rick Snyder has said he will veto the Religious Freedom Restoration Act if it is presented to him.

Surrounding the controversy over the law in Indiana, as well as several other states, Michigan governor Rick Snyder spoke out to make his position clear. The laws are widely being condemned for allowing discrimination towards LGBT people. Michigan’s bill passed the House of Representatives in December.

In an interview with the Detroit Free Press, Governor Snyder said: “Given all the events that are happening in Indiana, I thought it would be good to clarify my position. I would veto RFRA legislation in Michigan if it is a standalone piece of legislation.

“There are strong feelings on these issues. We’re working hard to see if there is a better way to address religious freedom and equality.

“This is an important issue from a neighbouring state and given what’s going on in Indiana, I wanted to give greater clarity. I believe in religious freedom but I strongly oppose discrimination of any kind.”

He said he would not support any legislation that did not have accompanying protections for LGBT people. It is a rare statement from a governor who does not usually speak out on laws he does not support.

Sponsors of Michigan’s religious freedom bill said they intended to go ahead with moving the bill through the legislature, despite Governor Snyder’s promise.

In January, a judge ordered the state of Michigan to recognise the marriages carried out there when same-sex marriage was legal in the state.