Teen charged with felony after posting ‘gross’ picture of gays kissing on teacher’s computer

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A 14-year-old in the US state of Florida has been arrested and charged with a felony for logging into his teacher’s computer and changing the desktop background to a “gross” picture of two men kissing.

Domanik Green a pupil at Paul Smith Middle School was charged with an offence against a computer system and unauthorised access after he changed one of his teacher’s backgrounds to the image of the gay kiss. He was also suspended for ten days.

He gained access by looking at the teacher’s password over his shoulder, realising that it was his surname.

“I logged into a teacher’s computer who I didn’t like and tried putting inappropriate pictures onto his computer”, said Green.

In another interview, Green said he wanted to post something “gross”, explaining why he chose a picture of a gay kiss.

“I wasn’t really thinking, I was just kind of really annoyed at the teacher that day,” he told ABC Action News.

“I took a picture off of Google and put it on his laptop and blew it up. That way, when he got on the laptop, there’d be a picture of something gross.”

It was noted that Green could have gained access to the state’s standardised tests, however it was confirmed that he had not done so.

There has been an outcry, with some suggesting that the felony charge was too harsh a punishment, however Sheriff Chris Nocco said other students should take heed.

“If information comes back to us and we get evidence, they’re going to face the same consequences”, he said.