London restaurant denies homophobia after punter says she was called a ‘fat dyke’ by bouncer

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A bar in London’s Soho has denied claims that its staff are homophobic, after a woman said she was called a “fat dyke” who should “get raped”, after being kicked out for kissing.

The woman was part of a group who had been drinking on Tuesday 5 May in Balans, on Old Compton Street, Soho, an area known for being gay-friendly.

According to a post on Facebook made by a female friend, two of her gay male friends were asked to leave by the bouncer for kissing.

She wrote that they were “hustled out by bouncers because they had been seen kissing”, and went on: “I asked to discuss this with the manager, who said he had to ‘consider the needs of his customers, who might be offended’.

“I said this was strange in a gay restaurant – an opinion backed up by people at several nearby tables – at which point a bouncer physically removed me from the building,” she continued.

After the group left, according to the woman’s account, a female bouncer called her a “fat dyke”.

She wrote: “[She] looked me in the eye as she said on her phone to whoever she was talking to: ‘This fat dyke was looking out for them, she needs to eat the s*** of my shoes, she should get raped on the way home.'”

Social media campaigns have already called for the bar to apologise, however the bar’s management have denied that the incident was homophobic.

After investigating, the management described the incident in a statement on Twitter as a “behavioural issue”.

“We would like to reassure our guests that last night’s incident at our Soho restaurant between three customers and a member of our security team was a behavioural issue,” management wrote.

“It’s a shame that it’s being described as a homophobic issue as all of the staff involved, including the security staff, are gay.

“We do not tolerate certain behaviour in our restaurants from our guests regardless of their sex or sexuality.

“We also do not tolerate abusive behaviour towards our staff, which we feel was the core issue at hand.

“There are very serious allegations but allegations they are and further investigation will take time but we will pursue this issue as it acts against our core values. We are treating this as a priority.”