Watch: Why do ‘Christian’ businesses refuse to serve gay people?

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

A new skit pokes fun at ‘Christian’ businesses who have refused to serve gay people.

The video, from YouTuber Ray William Johnson, mocks the string of auto mechanicsrestaurant owners, bakeries, florists, and pizzerias that have said they will refuse to serve gay people.

It sees a gay man try to order a turkey sandwich at a restaurant.

He is told: “I’m sorry it’s a Christian establishment. We don’t serve your kind.”

“I’m just going to come out and say it… the gay kind.”

Mocking the excuses given for religious homophobia, servers explain: “The Bible says: ‘love thy neighbour, and we don’t serve sandwiches to gays’. It’s right there in Ethiopians 3:16.

“Jesus didn’t feed gays and neither do we! Prostitutes, sure. Lepers, okay! Gays? No.”

They add: “If you eat off that plate, and then another customer eats off that plate, they could get infected with the gay virus. And that’s hard to cure.”

“The last thing we want is a rumour around town that we spread gay bug.”

Assuming the restaurant actually existed, it would actually now have legal protection in a number of Republican-controlled states – which have passed broad ‘religious freedom’ laws on the issue.

The laws allow businesses to refuse service to people on the basis of sexual orientation, and shield them from potential action.