Today, let’s celebrate Pride and tackle LGBT discrimination, by Harriet Harman

Illustrated rainbow pride flag on a white background.

Interim Labour Party leader Harriet Harman writes for PinkNews in celebration of Pride in London, saying we must be mindful of tackling discrimination.

Pride celebrations will take place across the country this weekend – they are great events to celebrate and recognise our LGBT community. I hope everyone has a fantastic time but behind the celebration is a very serious point: the principle that no one should ever have to suffer discrimination.

There is still far too much discrimination against the LGBT community – for children in school, for people at work or those suffering hate crime. We should never stop demanding equal rights or an end to discrimination in whatever form it takes.

Labour has always fought for greater equality, not just as a matter of principle but to ensure that nobody has to suffer discrimination. I’m proud of the role that the Labour party has played in furthering equality issues – outlawing Section 28, equalising the age of consent, introducing civil partnerships, enabling LGBT couples to adopt and backing equal marriage.

Labour will continue the fight for LGBT rights at home and abroad. British society still has a long way to go before fairness is secured.  We will hold the government to account in Parliament to ensure further progress on equality. We will join campaigns to champion LGBT equality.

Progress towards equality requires us to continue to strive and push for change. So let’s celebrate all the progress that’s been made but let’s also renew our efforts to challenge discrimination and work together until we have a full, fair and equal society.

Harriet Harman is the Interim Leader of the Labour Party.