John Oliver presents passionate segment on trans rights

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Last Week Tonight host John Oliver presented an amazing segment on transgender rights in the United States.

The English comedian, who has made his name across the pond, gave an overview of how to be polite to trans people for uninitiated.

He said: “If you’re still wondering, ‘What do I call a transgender person? It’s so confusing.’ Actually, it’s pretty simple: Call them whatever they want to be called.”

On trans people’s medical history, he said: “Some transgender people do go undergo hormone therapy or sex-reassignment surgery as part of their hormone therapy. Some do not.

“And, interestingly, their decision on this matter is, medically speaking, none of your f***ing business.”

Oliver went on to talk about some of the issues faced by trans people, such as access to public bathrooms.

He said that right-wingers fears of people using bathroom rights bills to abuse people was: “a borderline imaginary crime, like dragon rustling or space bestiality. Sure – it’s terrible, but it doesn’t really happen!”

Mocking Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee’s statement that he would have pretended to be transgender as a teenager in order to shower with girls, Oliver said: “There is something inherently wrong with forcing us to listen to your f***ed up daydreams about all the sex crimes you would have committed as a teenager had you just been able to find a legal loophole.”

Watch the full segment below: