Why are Tom Daley fans unhappy that he stripped and was transformed into a shark

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Olympic diver Tom Daley has received criticism from some fans over his partnership with SeaWorld, as he stripped down to his underwear and was transformed into a shark.


Ahead of Shark Week, which starts next month, and in line with the diver’s partnership with SeaWorld, Daley posted a video of himself being visually transformed into a shark using makeup and lighting.

In the video, the out diver revealed his love for sharks, and said he wanted to change perceptions.


He is then seen discussing his ticklish feet whilst being painted from head to toe with a detailed picture of a shark down one side of his body.

Dozens of fans took to Twitter, however, to express their distaste at the partnership.


Some suggested the diver had damaged his brand by teaming up with SeaWorld, following the Blackfish controversy over allegations of animal abuse at the amusement parks.

Others said Daley should drop his partnership with the company.


Many took to Twitter, however, to say they enjoyed the video, which is available to watch below.