Delhi got its first ever LGBT flashmob and it was epic

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Delhi has seen its first LGBT flash mob, and it took onlookers by storm.


The event, which took place in Connaught Place, gathered large crowds as participants danced to popular Bollywood tracks.


Organisers said they wanted to hold a lighthearted effort to raise awareness of LGBT issues.

Annie Singhal, one of the volunteers said: “I have attended the rehearsals that have been going on for two months, so I almost know the entire routine now. Although I wish to watch the ultimate dance right now, but distributing the pamphlets and getting the word out is also important. We are basically trying to build an inclusive society. For that, someone has to step forward and initiate a dialogue. And we, the LGBTQ folks and the supporters are taking that step forward right now.”

After the flashmob took place, the participants held an impromptu party.


Organisers say they are planing more flashmobs for Delhi.


Watch the video below