This ‘terrified’ pensioner’s home was attacked over her lesbian lodgers

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A pensioner who was left “terrified” after her home was targeted because she took in a lesbian couple has vowed not to throw them out, despite the attack.

Isabelle Nixon told BBC Radio Ulster that she had taken in the couple who had been rejected from other accommodation for being gay.

The Newtownabbey pensioner said her windows have been smashed since she took in the couple, and that she was targeted for doing so.

“It is because I brought these two girls in because they are gay, they were put out of a few places because they are gay” she said.

“I was not going to see two lovely girls out on the street.”

She went on to say she would not consider throwing out the couple.

“They are not doing any one any harm, they go out through the back door, back gate,” she said.

“They have done no harm to anybody and keep themselves to themselves. They are terrific, clean and spotless. They want to go and I said they are not going, they said they will go to a hostel.

“They have not done me any harm, they are good to me.”

Despite the attack, Nixon has said she won’t leave the house she has lived in for 44 years.

She did say she had been left “terrified” with sleepless nights, as she sits up all night ensuring her house is safe.

Police are investigating.