This teenage girl asked an agony uncle whether she should out her ex

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A teenage girl has asked a local agony uncle whether she should out her ex-boyfriend.

The anonymous girl, 18, wrote to local agony uncle Alan Cooper at the Stoke Sentinel after she discovered her ex’s sexuality.

She wrote: “I’m 18 and I’ve been dating a really nice guy for about a month. We’ve kissed a bit but he’s seemed a bit reluctant to start a sex life…

“Last week he told me the truth. He’s been hiding the fact that he’s gay. He says no one else knows, except another lad who is also gay,” she continued. “He’s asked me to keep his secret and not tell.

“There’s a bit of me wants to ‘out’ him … Should I tell my friends about him, or keep his secret till he’s ready to come out himself?”

Luckily, the agony uncle was on hand to give her some sound advice.

“Even in our much more open society, it is still difficult for gay men and women to be open about their sexuality,” he replied. “Prejudice still exists, even though the law now gives gay people equal rights.

“I can understand your wish to ‘out’ him, but this sounds like a kind of revenge … I assume he also hasn’t told his parents yet, and that may be very difficult for him.

“Do tell him how the way he has treated you has made you angry and made you feel like a fool. If he is the nice guy you say he is, he will recognise that and be sorry.”

Hopefully the girl in question can see past the hurt and make the right decision.

If you need help with coming out, head to Stonewall for further information.