Canberra Airport comes out in rainbows for equal marriage

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Canberra Airport has switched on a rainbow lights display at its newest terminal for equal marriage.

The lights, accompanied by the message ‘#WeCanDoThis’, were switched on as thousands took to the streets of several cities across Australia to push for same-sex marriage.

“We hope that the rainbow image across the gateway to Australia’s national capital will have similar impact to lighting up the White House after the historic US Supreme Court ruling determining marriage equality in the US in June this year,” managing director Stephen Byron said.

He said the issue was “personal” explaining that his brother married his husband in New Zealand last year.

“Equality of same-sex relationships is an issue that is very important for Canberra Airport – not only because we believe that equality is an essential right for our whole community but also because it has a particular personal significance for our family.

“It struck me at this time how ridiculous it is that my relationship, and my wife and children, are afforded the protection and support of our government, yet [my brother] and his family are forced to travel overseas to get married.”

The airport is owned and operated by the Snow family.

It in May signed a letter from Australian corporations, which was printed on a full-page of various newspapers to support the move.