Parody released slamming new ‘disaster film’ Stonewall

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The backlash against the recent Stonewall trailer continues – after a parody version ridiculing Roland Emmerich’s upcoming film was released.

Some activists have announced plans to boycott the film due to its inaccurate representation of the riots – though it is yet to be released, and the judgements are based solely on the relatively short clip.

So it was only a matter of time before someone would make a parody version of the trailer.

Playing on director Emmerich’s history of making apocalyptic blockbusters – such as Independence Day and 2012 – the video mashes together footage to make Stonewall look like his “next big cinematic disaster”.

The upcoming film based on the Stonewall riots, has come under fire amid claims of whitewashing and trans-erasure following the release of the first trailer for the film.

Thousands have signed a petition against the film, claiming based on just the first trailer that veterans of the riots like Marsha P Johnson and Sylvia Rivera have been ‘airbrushed’ out of the centre of the story in favour of a fictional gay man.

Earlier this week, Mara Wilson – who played the title role in the film ‘Matilda’ – also took to Twitter to lay into Emmerich.

In a series of tweets, she wrote: “Has anyone told Roland Emmerich that Stonewall wasn’t one of the parties at his house exclusively for young, fit, white, gay men.

“Go ahead and have your parties, but don’t try to alter history.

“It’s just sad… Emmerich has said it was the studios that made him change it, buuuuut somehow I’m not buying it.”

However, both Jeremy Irvine, who plays the lead “Danny” in the film, and director Roland Emmerich have released statements on social media defending the film.

Watch the full parody trailer below.