Kellie Maloney: ‘I’m a heterosexual woman’

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The former boxing promoter has opened up about her sexuality after becoming her ‘real self’.

The 62-year-old has stated she is a “heterosexual women” after completing gender reassignment surgery earlier this year – confirming her sexual preferences for the first time.

She told The Daily Star: “Of course it’s difficult. Do I fancy men or women or what?

“So, look, I am a heterosexual woman. There. I’ve said it and that’s the first time I have said it to anyone: I am a heterosexual woman. That’s the final step isn’t it?”

Kellie also discussed her dream date, saying: “I find Tom Selleck attractive. If I had to choose a man he would be my ideal. He’s very handsome.”

Kellie has been candid regarding her struggles to accept her true identity, telling The Times that she wishes she could have “taken a pill to stop this all from happening.”

“I’ve hurt so many people by doing this, by being this way. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone.”

In July, the former UKIP member also hit out at former leader Nigel Farage, claiming he mocked her when she announced she was transgender. 

She said of her rift with the party: “It started when I met Nigel Farage.

“It was a cordial meeting where he made a couple of jokes about my transition but I made allowance, and I said all I want him and his party to do is understand and show sympathy to the LGBT community.

“But then I was told about a new UKIP manifesto where they believe that a Christian family with a business could turn away gay custom, so I had to make a statement against them.”

Ms Maloney also warned that UKIP would become a “party of cavemen” regarding gay rights.