Megan Fox defends Machine Gun Kelly blood ritual: ‘Girls let guys they don’t know c*m in their mouth’

The actor defended the practice with her "soul-mate". (Getty)

Megan Fox has defended the blood ritual between herself and Machine Gun Kelly, arguing that “girls letting guys they don’t know cum in their mouth” is a far stranger practice.

Speaking on the Call Her Daddy podcast, the actor who stars in the queer-coded film Jennifer’s Body addressed various rumours she’s heard about herself, including her apparent infatuation with “Satanic rituals”, which she explained has unfairly been attributed to her.

“One of the [rumors] that’s very persistent is that I’m like Satanic or do Satanic rituals or maybe adjacent to Illuminati,” Fox told host Alex Cooper in the new episode, released 20 March. “I don’t know why it started. There was just that one time that I said I drink blood ritualistically, and then everybody was like, ‘Wow, she’s into Satanic rituals.’ But that was a very misunderstood thing.”

Fox and her then-fiancé garnered attention when the actor told Glamour Magazine in 2022: “It’s just a few drops but yes, we do consume each other’s blood on occasion for ritual purposes only.” The revelation came after their engagement; the ring was adorned with thorns which would cause her to bleed if she ever took it off.

The star went on to compare the occasional ritual with her “soulmate” as the “blood brothers”-style bonding that kids would undergo “back in the ’50s”.

“How many times did you see [when] little boys would go out with their little pop guns and they would cut their fingers and be blood brothers,” she said. “And they’re like, ‘We’re best friends forever now’ and they would smush the blood together on their fingers. That’s not Satanic,” she argued.

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“It’s like that, except instead of rubbing your fingers together the drop of blood goes in your mouth,” she added. “And I don’t know why that becomes Satanic!”

The star went on to explain that she thinks it’s “weird” when people have oral sex and are therefore exchanging bodily fluids with somebody they don’t know. 

“I think it’s weird that girls are out here letting guys cum in their mouth, and they don’t know these guys,” she said. “You’re letting somebody put their sperm in your mouth… That’s disgusting…What is so gross about what I did with my soulmate?”

Fox didn’t detail where she and MGK are at currently with their relationship, but she did clarify that it’s “not for public consumption”.