Tom Daley gets soaked and jokes about ‘three guys inside him’ clip (VIDEO)

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Tom Daley has taken part in a game during which he got soaked so much that his t-shirt went see-through, and he joked about “three guys inside him”.

Appearing on BBC Radio One, during Scott Mills’ show, the Olympic diver took part in a game of innuendo bingo.


During the game, guests, and a member of the Radio One team, sit with their mouths full of water, and are made to listen to innuendos from various programmes.

A few rounds in, covered in water, Daley asks: “Don’t people think before they speak on these things?” after laughing that someone had said something about having “three men inside him” (it was about athletics).

At which point Mills plays a segment from Daley’s own ‘Tom Daley Goes Global’ show, during which he said: “I’d rather be too tight than too loose”, referring to diving.


He later says: “I need more explosive power in my mouth.”

Watch the game below: