School SUSPENDS student for asking to take boy to homecoming

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A student who caused a stir by simply wanting to take a boy from another school with him to homecoming has been suspended.

Lance Sanderson had previously had his wish to bring a boy to his Christian Brothers High School homecoming dance granted.

But after the administrator who said he was allowed left the school, another official simply turned him down.

In an email, the second administrator from the all-boys Catholic prep school, said boys from other schools were not allowed.

Now, Sanderson has said he was suspended when he went into school today, saying that the school did not like the publicity he gathered on originally announcing that he had his request denied.

He tweeted: “When I arrived at school today, the administration told me to stay home for the week.”

“I am disappointed that I am unable to sit in class today,” Sanderson told NewNowNext.

“While many assignments can be reached online, I was going to take two tests today and an in class timed essay. Tomorrow at CBHS, I was going to meet with admissions representatives from around the country (they do not visit often). I hope to be welcomed back into a classroom setting soon.”

School SUSPENDS student for asking to take boy to homecoming

The administrator had suggested the reason boys from outside schools were banned was for safety reasons.

“I was sitting down talking to one of the current administrators over the summer, and at the end of our conversation, I mentioned it, expecting him to say the same thing. And he had a very different response,” Sanderson said to the Memphis Flyer.

“He mentioned a [gay] couple in Texas and said I was a lot like this one person and said that the guy’s boyfriend murdered him. It was a little rough.”


The school’s official policy on the dances reads: “CBHS students may attend the dance by themselves, with other CBHS students, or with a girl from another school. For logistical reasons, boys from other schools may not attend.”

“The way they worded it is ‘for logistical reasons, boys from other schools may not attend.’ I asked about it in a meeting [Tuesday] morning, and they said they didn’t want guys from our school getting into disagreements with guys from other schools,” Sanderson continued.

The school has declined to comment on the issue.