Big Brother housemate in ‘disgusting’ homophobic attack

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Ex-Big Brother housemate Mark Byron has spoken out after being subjected to a homophobic attack in his home city of Liverpool.

The reality TV star revealed how the harrowing assault left his friend with a fractured skull when he stepped in to try and protect him.

Big Brother housemate in ‘disgusting’ homophobic attack

However, Byron says that he was more disgusted with passers-by, who he said did nothing to try and prevent the attack – and even attempted to get selfies with the victim.

Byron – who appeared in last year’s Big Brother and finished eighth – explained: “It was disgusting. While we were waiting for an ambulance to arrive, drinkers were trying to take selfies with Paul who was covered in blood.

“Drinkers were standing by and laughing at the appalling scene before them,” he told The Liverpool Echo.

The attack happened as Byron left Liverpool’s Black Rabbit Shot Company bar with friends.

He was punched to the floor by an unknown man, who grabbed him by his hair and bombarded him with homophobic abuse.

His friend, Paul, then stepped in to protect Mark – but ended up with a broken shoulder and a fractured skull.

Big Brother housemate in ‘disgusting’ homophobic attack

“I’m proud to be from Liverpool but disgusted this happened to us in our home city,” Byron added.

“How someone can be hurt by stepping in to protect me against a hate crime in 2015 is unbelievable.”

“I am so proud of Liverpool and its acceptance of all cultures and ways of life.

“This really has saddened me that people who may have had no legal responsibility to step in and help, but certainly a moral one, turned a blind eye and even laughed while such a disgusting and ferocious attack took place.”

Police are now appealing for information about the attack, with the assailant believed to have made his escape in a black cab.