Anti-gay marriage Australian PM had a pretty wild leaving party

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An ornate marble table was broken at Tony Abbot’s leaving party – and it’s thought someone tried to dance on it.

Ex-Prime Minister Tony Abbott – a strong opponent of same-sex marriage – was ousted last month after a period of internal party feuding.

Among other issues, Mr Abbott had threatened to sack frontbench ministers if they voted in favour of equal marriage bills.

He was removed from office on September 15 – but a month later, there’s new controversy over his leaving party.

Parliamentary officials revealed in the Senate today that Mr Abbott’s farewell party was apparently so wild, a $590 marble table was smashed to pieces in the Cabinet Suite.

Tabloids reported that Mr Abbott was seen dancing shirtless at the goodbye party – but the breaking of the table has caused a minor political controversy.


According to Parliamentary Services assistant secretary John Ryan, the table is thought to be broken by someone “standing or dancing on it”.

The row has taken Australian social media by storm, with many speculating whether it was in fact the former PM dancing on the table.

The marble table was cracked in half – with a split in the bronze frame caused by the incident. Pieces of the table are still missing, a Senate estimates hearing was told.
Anti-gay marriage Australian PM had a pretty wild leaving party
Attempting to sweep the row under the carpet, Mr Abbott has offered to pay for the table, saying: “During this event, a coffee table was damaged.

“I have asked my office to have the Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS) invoice me for the value of the table.

“It was my event so I take responsibility for it.”

That’s nice Tony – but will you confirm or deny that you danced on the table?