Trans YouTube star shares 10 reactions to coming out (VIDEO)

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Lewis Hancox – a trans YouTuber and activist – has released the video to highlight everyday misconceptions about the trans community.

The funny video – also starring Melka Drury –  features a variety of common reactions trans people face when coming out, ranging from disbelief to intimate questions about anatomy.

Trans YouTube star shares 10 reactions to coming out (VIDEO)

However, rather than take offence at the often ignorant approach people take, Lewis says he wants to educate people using comedy, rather than “shock tactics”.

Speaking to PinkNews, he said: “There has been a lot of uproar in the trans community at the moment about the media sensationalising trans people.

“I understand they need to attract a broader audience and so they often use shock tactics.”

“My aim is to reach a mainstream audience through comedy.

“Writing and performing comedy is a passion of mine and I decided to combine that with my trans experiences.”

He also said that although he hopes to one day be known for more than being trans, he is more than happy to raise awareness to highlight the issues still facing the trans community.

Trans YouTube star shares 10 reactions to coming out (VIDEO)

“One day I would love to be known for my work and not just associated with being transgender, as it’s such a small part of who I am, but right now it feels important to spread awareness,” he told PinkNews.

“And if I get some giggles along the way, I have accomplished my mission!”

I always find the humour in things and I get such a range of funny reactions when I reveal that I’m transgender I just had to make a video about it.

Earlier this year, Lewis recorded a brave video answering the sometimes awkward question: “How do you have sex?”

Watch the full video below.