You won’t believe which meme star just came out

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A woman featured in a super-viral internet meme has come out as gay.

Maggie Goldenberger, who is a nurse in her 20s, became an internet hit when a photo of her as a girl, excitedly grasping a selection of Goosebumps books became a meme.

Goldenberger, who currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona, says she only discovered she was a meme when she was on a trip to India with her ex-girlfriend.


She says the meme was a photo take by a friend when she was dressing up as a character, aged 11.

It became a popular internet meme when a Reddit user found it in a public Facebook gallery, and shared it with the caption ‘Ermahgerd’.

She said she mainly found the experience funny and amusing, however at one point an image of her on a beach in Hawaii wearing a bikini, and attracted some negative comments.

“And if I’m going to have a bikini shot floating around on the Internet, I’d like to be spray tanned and under a waterfall somewhere,” she said.

Goldenberger also said her favourite variation on the original ‘Ermahgerd’ meme was one when she is featured on the Titanic, which read ‘Ermahgerd Erceberg’.