Trans TikTok star Ali C Lopez claims ‘declining masculinity’ is getting ‘out of control’

TikTok influencer Ali C Lopez

Trans TikTok star Ali C Lopez has claimed that when it comes to dating, declining masculinity is getting “out of control.”

Lopez was the subject of a cruel meme that made fun of her appearance but is now adjusting to life in the limelight. She describes feeling “good, bad, exciting [and] nervous.”

In a new interview with Fox News Digital, Lopez spoke about her frustrations while navigating the dating world, remarking that “declining masculinity” is getting “out of control”, before noting that she wants to date someone who’s able to handle things previously interpreted as “traditionally masculine,” such as changing the tyre on a car.

But it’s increasingly difficult to find these traits in a man nowadays, she claimed.

“You better be able to do more than my dad can do, because if I have to call my dad to do something for me and not you, why are you here?” she added.

Lopez also aired frustrations with partners who aren’t willing to “at least” go halves on splitting the cost of things.

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“A lot of [men] need to start being [men]. When it comes to the male world… men nowadays are expecting princess treatment. 

“I just see a lot of men expecting women in the relationship… to go above and beyond and like them to almost do nothing. Even [with] some of my friends… [I ask]: ‘Why are you paying, covering this?’… At least be 50/50 [on paying for things].” 

Who is Ali C Lopez?

Ali C Lopez is a 24-year-old influencer from Arizona. She’s most famous on TikTok, where she currently has more than 388,000 followers, and often posts lip syncs, mini vlogs and videos.

She is a trans woman and is defiant in the face of transphobia, which she has often been subjected to online. Living her life as a self-professed “baddie,” she encourages her followers to do the same.

How did she become famous?

Lopez went viral overnight after appearing on the “Whatever” podcast last May, discussing feminism and modern dating. She described her occupation as being a “certified bad b****”, which was “very much full time” – and the internet went wild for it.

“It’s just a lifestyle,” she explained. “I mean, if you get it, you get it, the rules are there. I feel every girl, every woman, can be a certified baddie. It’s just the mind set and it’s a full-time job.”

However, Lopez became the subject of a viral meme after she was trolled over her appearance – but she’s since taken it in her stride and embraced her new-found fame, often posting TikTok videos of her living out her “baddie” lifestyle.

“There are days where it still bothers me that I get called that… there was even a time I was like: ‘Should I just embrace [her nickname, Gorlock the Destroyer] at this point?’ I don’t even care,” she said.

Does Ali C Lopez have an Instagram account?

Lopez hasn’t just found fame on TikTok, she’s got followers on Instagram, too. Operating under the username @al.weeezy, she currently has close to 69,000 fans.