Anti-gay Republican promises to ‘protect gay people when President’

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The Republican front-runner has promised be “perfectly fair” to the gay community if elected President of the US.

During Wednesday night’s Republican debate, the retired neurosurgeon said that his views on the LGBT community had be misrepresented – and that he believed they deserved protection.

Anti-gay Republican promises to ‘protect gay people when President’

“Well obviously you don’t understand my views on homosexuality,” he told the audience.

“I believe that our constitution protects everybody, regardless of their sexual orientation.

“I also believe that marriage is between one man and one woman – and that there is no reason you can’t be perfectly fair to the gay community.”

Carson then accused “the left” of promoting the “myth” that opposition to gay marriage was homophobic.

“This is how they frighten people and get people to shut up. That’s the PC culture is all about and it’s destroying this nation,” he said.

“We the American people are not each other’s enemies. It’s those people who are trying to divide that are the enemies.”

Anti-gay Republican promises to ‘protect gay people when President’

However – despite his claims to have done otherwise – Carson has consistently exhibited blatantly homophobic views, with regards to both the same sex-marriage and the LGBT community in general.

He has previously espoused a belief that same-sex marriage is a Marxist plot – as well as claiming that he doesn’t believe gay rights are civil rights.

Further more, Carson also said earlier this year that prisons prove being gay is “absolutely” a choice, and has compared homosexuality to bestiality and paedophilia.

Watch his explanation for those comments below: