Caitlyn Jenner labelled ‘insult to trans people’ by protesters at LGBT charity event (VIDEO)

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The reality star was labelled a ‘clueless, rich, white woman’ by the angry crowd.

Caitlyn Jenner was confronted by several disgruntled trans protesters as she left a charity event in Chicago earlier this week.

Prior to the incident, the 66-year-old former Olympian gave a spurring keynote speech at a special lunch held by LGBT charity Chicago House.

Caitlyn Jenner labelled ‘insult to trans people’ by protesters at LGBT charity event (VIDEO)

“Maybe this is the reason that God put me on this earth, to tell my story, to help other people because this is bigger than anything,” she said.

However, as those attending the event praised Jenner’s bravery, protesters gathered outside claimed that the star did not represent everybody in the trans community.

On an event page set up to publicise the protest, Jenner is described as “a clueless rich white woman who thinks disenfranchised trans women of color should just pluck themselves up off the street and stop being so lazy.”

The group held up “I Ain’t Cait” signs outside the Hilton Chicago, before accosting the star as she left the event.

”You are an insult to trans people, you are an insult to women,” protester Monica James shouted over a loudspeaker.

“The $500 you spend at a luncheon is more than most black trans women are able to earn in a month.”

In a video captured during the exchange, Jenner can be seen stopping to briefly talk to James as she left the hotel.

“I would love to see you have a job. I love you,” Jenner told the activist before being escorted into a black van.

Caitlyn Jenner labelled ‘insult to trans people’ by protesters at LGBT charity event (VIDEO)

The protest comes after the reality star made a series of controversial comments about transgender people who depend on social security during an episode of her docu-series I Am Cait.

“They can make more not working with social programs than they actually can with an entry-level job,” she said.

“You don’t want people to get totally dependent on it. That’s when they get in trouble – ‘Why should I work? I got a few bucks, I got my room paid for,’” she added.

The Olympian also recently admitted that she used to oppose equal marriage before publicly coming out as transgender.

Explaining that she had changed her mind on the issue, she said: “If the word ‘marriage’ is really, really that important to you, I can go with it.”

Watch a clip of the broadcast below.