Gay teen forced to dump boyfriend and date girls by blackmailing brother

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The teen claims his brother has been threatening him since discovering his sexuality.

A gay teen has told how his sibling has forced his to break up with his boyfriend after discovering he is gay.

The fifteen-year-old asked fellow users on Reddit for help dealing with his homophobic older brother, who has since forced him to date girls – or risk being “exposed” to the rest of his family.

Gay teen forced to dump boyfriend and date girls by blackmailing brother

He says his brother has threatened to reveal his sexuality to their religious parents if he does not meet his “every demand.”

“My brother found out that I’m gay by looking through my phone and reading texts between me and my boyfriend,” the young user explains.

“He confronted me about it and said that I had to break up with my boyfriend and start dating girls or he’ll tell my parents about me and tell my boyfriend’s parents about him.

“He screenshotted my texts and some pictures from my phone and has them saved somewhere.”

He says he has kept up the façade since – breaking up with his boyfriend and even dating girls – but is struggling to fight his true feelings.

But after meeting with his ex-boyfriend secretly – as he “really, really misses” him – he had to stop after his brother found out.

“I tried talking to my brother about it but he just said that he’s trying to help me and that one day I’ll realise that this is the best thing for me and that he’s doing it out of love.”

He says he has considered telling his parents the truth himself, but is terrified they will send him to gay conversion therapy or throw him out.

Gay teen forced to dump boyfriend and date girls by blackmailing brother

“I’ve considered just telling my parents but I know they’d just send me away to one of those pray the gay away camps or they would just kick me out.”

Hundreds of fellow Reddit users offered him there support, with many suggesting that he should expose the truth anyway, as it would be better than living a lie.

However, he says that the fact his brother would out his ex as well makes the situation even harder to deal with.

“If it was just about me it wouldn’t be as bad, but the fact that he can out my ex as well makes everything a 100 times worse.”