Mother opens up about life with two transgender children

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A mother has opened up about how she felt when she discovered both of her children were trans.

In a recent interview with Good Housekeeping, Beth McGarrity opened up about what its like to two children who are both trans.

Beth is the mother of two children – son Gavin and daughter Raiden.

Mother opens up about life with two transgender children

However, what makes this family a little different is that both of Beth’s children came out as transgender – within just a month of each other back in 2011.

Gavin was the first to tell his mother he had always been a boy and could no longer bear lying to her.

“I’ve had a lot of stuff going on in my head and haven’t wanted to tell you, because I knew you were dealing with a lot,” he told his mother after researching gender identity online.

“I’ve figured out what’s going on with me. I’m transgender. I’ve always wanted to be a boy,” he admitted, with the full support of his sister.

Raiden (or Rai), the eldest of the pair, came out a month later, after years of unhappiness and bullying.

She described her struggle to fit and gain acceptance and echoed her brother’s sentiments – she could no longer live a lie.

Beth said her gut instinct was to tell both of her children exactly how loved they both were – and always would – by both her and husband Russ.

“I’ll support you no matter what,” she told her teen children.

However, she admits that finding out her children were both trans was also worrying, as she feared the bullying and rejection her children may face.

She also recounted the numerous times she had witnessed her children subjected to stares, insults and jeering.

Despite the initial difficulties, though, Beth says her family is now happier than ever.

She says she has even managed to find the situation a little ironic.

Mother opens up about life with two transgender children

“I always wanted one of each,” she says. “Now I still do!”

“I feel like my kids are at a place now where I can sit back and take a deep breath.

“They’re happy. And every minute we spend with them, I feel, is a gift,” she says.