Gay bodybuilder risks life to save woman from violent attack

Marcel Schoeman was also subjected to a torrent of homophobic abuse.

A gay bodybuilder has told of a shocking incident, in which he risked his own safety to protect a young woman in the street.

Marcel Schoeman was on his way to the gym when he witnessed the woman being shouted at by a man from a car.

“He was a bully. She was saying ‘leave me alone’. He blocked her way,” Mr Schoeman told the London Evening Standard.

“It was just an instinct – I thought ‘not on my watch’. I just said something.

He started to get out of the car. He was being aggressive. It felt very dangerous. I said ‘You are disgusting’.”

Mr Schoeman says the man then hurled a number of homophobic slurs at him, before driving off.

“He called me a faggot and a queer. I thought; ‘I do not need this rubbish anymore, especially from someone I do not know.”

The Dutch native – who lives and works in London – says he was then thanked by the girl.

However, it was not long before their attacker returned – and tried to run Mr Schoeman over.

“He went one way and I went the other – there was no one on the pavement so he drove at me,” he said.

“I saw the sign pole and I jumped behind it. And that’s when I hurt my knee but he didn’t actually hit me.”

The man then drove off, leaving Mr Schoeman and the young woman on the pavement.

Although he says he found the incident terrifying, Mr Schoeman says the support he has received sine the altercation has been overwhelming.

“I am a bit messed up about it. It was really freaky. But the reaction has been amazing.”

Police say the are hunting for the driver over an allegation that he caused actual bodily harm to Mr Schoeman.

The incident took place in Stockwell on December 5.

Anyone with information can contact police on 101.