Watch: 106-year-old dances with joy at meeting the Obamas

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Virginia McLaurin was over the moon to meet Mr and Mrs Obama at the White House and wasn’t afraid to show it.

The centenarian, who said she had waited her whole life to see a black President, had been invited to the White House as part of Black History Month.

In a video posted by the White House on Sunday night, Mrs McLaurin opened her arms to greet Mr Obama with an excited “Hi!” and immediately started swaying.

“It’s an honour, it’s an honour,” she said to the President.

When she met with Michelle Obama, the First Lady was in disbelief at how giddy she was, adding, “I want to be like you when I grow up.”

Mrs McLaurin began a social media campaign to meet the Obamas in 2014, which included a White House petition, Facebook posts and a Youtube video.

She was born in South Carolina in 1909 and in 1941, she moved to Washington, D.C. where she has stayed ever since.

She has lived through 18 presidents, her first being Theodore Roosevelt.

Recently, Obama sent a Valentine’s Day to LGBT Americans as a sign he supports equality.