Archbishop of Uganda says Anglican churches have ‘betrayed’ God over LGBT rights

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The Ugandan Church will boycott global Anglican events yet again – after the church’s leader accused Western Archbishops of ‘betraying’ Biblical principles.

The Archbishop of Canterbury has gone to extremes to keep the global Anglican Communion from fracturing, despite the deep divides between hardline homophobic African Churches and its more liberal members.

In a bid to appease the anti-LGBT churches, last month the Anglican Communion voted to ‘punished’ the US Episcopal Church for its affirmation of same-sex weddings.

But in an address this week, the Archbishop of Uganda said that leaders hadn’t done enough on the issue – and that his church will boycott the next Anglican meeting as a result.

He said: “It was only a symbolic vote; it was not a substantive vote. Recent statements from TEC and other leaders in the Anglican Communion have since made this clear.

“The Presiding Bishop of [The Episcopal Church[ stated during the Primates Meeting that TEC would not change its position on offering ‘marriage’ to same-sex couples, and he has repeated TEC’s commitment to a definition of marriage the Bible does not recognize.

“In other words, the Primates decision will have no impact on TEC.”

Referencing a previous boycott over the consecration of a gay Bishop, he said: “Brothers and sisters in Christ, it is like we are back in 2003 where we continue to be betrayed by our leaders.

“The Primates voted to bring discipline to TEC and, yet, we now see that the leadership of the Anglican Communion does not have the will to follow through. This is another deep betrayal.”
Archbishop of Uganda says Anglican churches have ‘betrayed’ God over LGBT rights
He added: “The Church of Uganda’s Provincial Assembly has resolved that the Church of Uganda will not participate in meetings of the Anglican Communion until godly order is restored, including demonstrating that it is capable of restoring godly order.

“This has not yet happened. The Church of Uganda, therefore, will not be participating in the upcoming April meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council (ACC) in Lusaka.”