SNP supports inclusive education

The Scottish National Party has backed a motion supporting LGBT inclusive education in all Scottish schools.

Seen as one of the biggest steps forward for the Time for Inclusive Education (TIE) campaign, the party will now commit to create an education system that educates children on all aspects of LGBT identities and relationships.

SNP supports inclusive education

In a unanimous decision, the motion requires the party to work to see a “safe, equal and accepting environment for all of Scotland’s young people” and implement the plan by the end of the next parliament.

However, with the SNP predicted to be returned with a majority – it seems likely that plans will happen.

Proposed by student and youth groups within the party, they cited a number of statistics – including the fact that one in four LGBT youth attempt suicide – as a reason why action needed to be taken.

Rhiannon Spear, a SNP candidate for Glasgow and convener of SNP Youth, said: “Without inclusive education we are creating a vacuum that will be filled with misinformation. We need to empower young people and that is why I am 100% behind the TIE campaign in calling for more progressive and inclusive education.”

Support for inclusive education has continued to grow in recent years.

TIE has continued to lobby the Scottish Government to introduce inclusive education, as it argues it goes some way to reducing homophobic bullying and supporting staff in changing attitudes and behaviours.

Mhari Black and Scottish Liberal Democrat leader, Willie Rennie, have been the latest supporters of the campaign.

Recently, the Scottish Parliament turned down calls to introduce inclusive education when a petition came before one of its committees.

Elections to Holyrood take place on May 5.