Disney has ‘declared war’ on religion by supporting LGBT rights

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Disney has been accused of being ‘anti-faith’ after lending its support to the LGBT community.

A Christian group has accused Disney of declaring war on religion after the company threatened to boycott the state of Georgia if a bill restricting the rights of LGBT people was signed into law.

Texas Values called the film company “corporate bullies” for urging Georgia Governor Nathan Deal into vetoing the controversial bill.

Disney has ‘declared war’ on religion by supporting LGBT rights

HB 757, previously known as the ‘pastor protection act’ passed in the House and Senate, but was vetoed by Governor Nathan Deal after it was met with staunch opposition.

A range of companies spoke out against the bill, with Disney and Marvel among those threatening a boycott, saying it would no longer film in the state if the bill was passed.

According to The Huffington Post, Texas Values has claimed that these companies have “declared war” on religion.

“It’s striking that the day after Easter, churches in Georgia are told their freedoms are not that important to protect,” the group wrote.

“It’s clear that corporate giants like Apple, Disney, NCAA, Intel have finally come out of the closet and declared public war on the religious freedom of clergy and religious schools, as was the protection in Georgia’s very modest HB 757 that they worked to bring down.

“Will Disney now ban you from wearing a cross outside your shirt at their parks?” it continued.

“Will a Catholic priest be forced to remove his white collar when he takes a picture with Mickey Mouse?”

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal said the veto was independent from the boycott threat from Disney, saying: “Georgia is a welcoming state.

“It is full of loving, kind and generous people. And that is what we should want. I intend to do my part to keep it that way.”

Disney has ‘declared war’ on religion by supporting LGBT rights

The state’s Republican-controlled legislature had green lit HB 757, which would ban the government from taking action against anyone who discriminates against LGBT people – as long as they do so based on a sincerely held “religious or moral conviction”.

The law would apply even in adoption agencies or homeless shelters – which opponents say is a gross violation of human rights.