Politician: ‘Children with same-sex parents more likely to be criminals’

She also believes teaching children about LGBT rights will set her country back sixty years.

A German politician has claimed that children from LGBT families are more likely to turn to crime.

Katrin Ebner-Steiner – a member of the euro-sceptic right-wing Alternative für Deutschland (Alternative for Germany, AfD) in Bavaria – also criticised the decision to make LGBT issues a compulsory part of sexual education.

“The traditional family image offers children the most protection against ideological confusion, against drugs and criminality,’ Ebner-Steiner says in a new video released by her party.

“Only the traditional family image guarantees healthy interpersonal bonds, is meaningful and encourages entrenchment with the home land.

“Only the traditional family image can reunite our partially splintered society.”

In the video – released on the party’s official Youtube Channel – the politician also accused the government of introducing “ideological indoctrination” into schools.

“Our little ones won’t just have to sit through enforced lessons about all variations of sexual life together,” she claims.

“They will also hear details about homo-, bi- and trans sexuality.”

Traditional families and “natural sexual behaviour” would lose their values, Ebner-Steiner claims, in favour of the “downplaying of socially controversial sexual behaviours and practices of minorities”.

She also claims that 99.9% of German citizens are straight and that LGBT people should not shape and influence what is taught in schools.

Under the new plan, it would be compulsory for all schools in Bavaria to include LGBT issues in sexual education lessons, from primary school.

You the politician make her outlandish claims below (if you speak German):