7-year-old protests anti-LGBT law for trans best friend

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The boy took to the streets of his hometown to fight for his friend’s rights.

A 7-year-old boy and his equally adorable 5-year-old sister have been pictured taking a stand against the new, anti-LGBT North Carolina law.

Last month, North Carolina became the first state to pass a law requiring transgender individuals to use only bathrooms that match their biological – rather than identified – gender.

The law also permits businesses to discriminate against LGBT people on the grounds of religious belief.

They did so in response to an ordinance passed in Charlotte that supported transgender bathroom choice, which has now been voided.

Although the law has attracted a range of criticism, from large businesses, to Hollywood A-Listers, we’re not sure any have been quite as cute as this brother and sister duo.

The pair’s mother, Janna Harris Cadenas, took to Facebook to explain why her family is fighting North Carolina’s “blatant discrimination”.

“This is my son in the picture. His name is McCartney, he is 7 years old,” she wrote.

“He asked me to take him to this rally because his best friend is transgender and for her privacy and age, she was not able to attend.

The proud mother went on to describe her son as “a beautiful, kind and intelligent soul.”

“He was fully aware of why he was there this day and not only did he know what his sign said, he knew which song it references”.

She goes onto say that her daughter, Starkey Jude, was mistaken for a boy all day at the protest, but she “didn’t mind”.

“Guess I got pretty lucky to get the amazing, loving, accepting children I was blessed with,” she beamed.

“I’m pretty sure I’m winning at Momming these 2 amazing humans.

“If you doubt that feel free to ask them their opinions, they will definitely tell you.”