Police arrest man suspected of shooting trans activist in Pakistan who died in hospital

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Police have arrested a man suspected of shooting a trans activist who died in hospital from her injuries, after staff deliberated over which ward to place her in.

The trans activist named Alesha died in Peshawar’s Lady Reading Hostpital amid the ordeal. She had been shot at least six times, and later died from her injuries.


Alesha was admitted to the hospital after being shot by a criminal gang which, according to the group, extorts money from transgender people.

She was admitted with six gunshot wounds, according to local media, but the tragedy only got worse after she was brought into the place where she should have found care.

According to posts, staff were too confused about which ward to admit her to, to tend to her wounds.

They wrote: “Hospotal [sic] staff in LRH ia extremly rude and impolite. Transgender are abused and made fun of.Operation theater staff is commenting on our dresses and looks.

“WTF is wrong with these people. A male operation theater staff asked me about my telephone number and wanted to know how much i charge for dancing party…….”

In critical condition, Alesha was asked by a doctor whether she had real breasts, for her phone number and how much she would charge for a dance, read the posts.

After being turned away from the women’s ward in the hospital, Alesha was placed in a room near the toilets in a men only ward.

The medical director of the hospital allegedly intervened to move her to a more suitable facility, but the local trans group alleges that the delay in administering life-saving treatment led to her death earlier today.

Police have now arrested Fazal Gujjar in a raid in Peshawar and have launched an investigation.

Speaking on Friday, the Minister for Information Mushtaq Ghani said the local government planned to introduced protections for the trans community.