Prominent lesbian activist banned from leading pride parade

Miriam Ben-Shalom says trans women aren’t real women.

Miriam Ben-Shalom was originally invited to serve as grand marshal of the upcoming Milwaukee Pride Parade.

However, that was before event organisers became aware of the activist’s vocal opposition to trans-inclusive bathrooms.

Those behind the event said Ms. Ben-Shalom’s criticisms of the trans movement “disqualify her from leading the parade.”

“Her mindsets don’t line up with ours at this time,” parade co-ordinator Brent Holmes told FOX6.

Ms. Ben-Shalom is a well-known figure and prominent LGBT advocate.

She made history as the first gay military service member to be reinstated after being discharged over her sexuality.

She has also chained herself to the White House fence – twice – in protest of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”

However, Ms. Ben-Shalom’s activism has also seen her clash will other members of the LGBT community.

“If I have to march in lock step to some political line, then to heck with it,” she told FOX6. “Because I don’t march in lock step.”

She also rebutted allegations of transphobia from rally organisers, arguing the primary problem with transgender bathroom access is there is no test to determine one’s gender identity.

“My concern is not with transgender people,” she told FOX6. “My concern is with pretenders.”

“I mean, how many women have to get hurt before enough is enough?” she said.

Despite claiming she has no issue with the community, she has also claimed that trans women are not really women.

“If trans women were really women, they would get it!”

The controversial debate continues to rumble on across the US, with many claiming that trans people should not be allowed to use the bathroom of their choice.

Last week, a mother shared an important message on Facebook – which just so happened to tear down any argument in favour of the anti-trans laws.