Evan Rachel Wood opens up about issues facing bisexual community (VIDEO)

Evan Rachel Wood discusses the issues facing the bisexual community in a video released in conjunction with LGBTQ Pride Month.

“There are so many grey areas in this world, especially when it comes to gender roles and especially when it comes to sexuality,” Wood begins.

The openly bisexual star explains: “I found women very beautiful. I also found men very beautiful. I’m fluid.”

“I was getting crushes a lot on girls in middle school. People that I was afraid to be honest with for fear of losing them,” she says. “As open-minded as my family was, I was still terrified to talk to them.”

Explaining she contemplated suicide because she had no way to express herself, Wood adds: “There was no where to go. I think I already realised being bisexual or saying I’m bisexual was not cute and was looked down upon.”

Throughout the video, the actor proposes various statistics, highlighting that bisexual adults are more likely to engage in self-harm, attempt suicide or consider suicide than heterosexuals, lesbians or gay men.

“I can only speak for my experience… there are many, many factors that come into play when dealing with statistics like this, but I can say it certainly heightens them and certainly makes them heavier and more frightening and more lonely and harder to bear and I hope that by sharing one bisexual story we’ll start to become real people with real stories and real struggles.”

By sharing these statistics and her own experience as a bisexual, Wood hopes to raise awareness and respect for the bisexual community.

“I want to wish everybody a happy pride month, no matter who you are,” she concludes. “I liked to call on you to stand by us and to acknowledge us and to open your arms.”

Watch the video in full below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-TMIsZlfdg]