Jeremy Corbyn thanks David Cameron for equal marriage in final PMQs session

Jeremy Corbyn has thanked outgoing Prime Minister David Cameron for passing equal marriage in the PM’s final Prime Minister’s Questions session.

David Cameron is set to stand down today in favour of new Conservative leader Theresa May, after quitting in the wake of the Brexit vote.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – who is facing his own calls to resign – praised Cameron for his legacy on equal marriage.

Mr Corbyn said: “It’s only right that after six years as Prime Minister that we thank the member for Witney for his service.

“I’ve often disagreed with him, but there are some of his achievements I really want to welcome to pay recognition to today.

He praised Mr Cameron for “legislating to achieve equal marriage within our society.”

However, he ribbed: “I’m sure he’d like to acknowledge it was Labour votes that helped to get it through on that occasion.”

Mr Cameron responded: “I thank him for his kind remarks.

“I thank him for what he said about equal marriage. There are 30,000 gay people in our country who in the last few years have been able to get married.

“I think that is real progress. I’ll never forget the day at Number 10 when someone who works very close to the front door said to me ‘I’m not that interested in politics, Mr Cameron, but because of something your lot have done, I’m able to marry the person I love this week’.

“There are many amazing moments in this job, but that was one of my favourites.”

A source close to the events told PinkNews that Mr Cameron might have airbrushed one detail from the story; the staffer’s comments actually brought the Prime Minister to tears as he was heading out to a meeting.