Anjelica Huston compares herself to a horse as she discusses fighting for trans rights

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The Oscar winning Transparent star says she is stubborn and needs to be “ridden gently”.

Many know as the Oscar winning star of Prizzi’s Honour, whilst younger audiences will know her from films such The Addams Family and The Witches.

However, Anjelica Huston says there is more to her than meets the eye, after she bizarrely compared herself to a horse recently.

Anjelica Huston compares herself to a horse as she discusses fighting for trans rights

The Transparent actress made the comparison as she described her own stubbornness during apt interview with Town & Country magazine.

“I have lots of horse-like qualities. If you ride me gently, feed me good oats, I’ll be good,” she said.

“But try to make me do something I don’t want and it can get ugly.”

Away for equine qualities, Huston also discussed her decades-long activism for the LGBT community.

“When I was first working in New York [as a model in the 1970s], I was very aware of figures like [trans actresses] Candy Darling and Jackie Curtis,” she recalled.

“I always found transsexuals very close to the surface. They showed you their pain, but also a crazy optimism.

“They were people who felt very deeply, enough to transform themselves to a sex they didn’t really know anything about,” she added.

“It’s brave. A lot of people have died for it.”

Huston continues to support themes of LGBT equality in her supporting role in the third series of Amazon’s Golden Globe-winning comedy-drama Transparent.

Jeffrey Tambor stars as a trans woman Maura in the Amazon series – which focusses on a parent coming out to their children and transitioning later in life.

The latest series opens during a birthday party for Maura – who has some news for her family – with Huston returning as her love interest.

Watch the trailer below:

Huston’s full interview in Town & Country is on newsstands today (August 9).