Anti-gay Christian protester cruelly laughs as gay man grieves for husband (VIDEO)

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In disturbing scenes, the grieving gay man was mocked by a homophobic onlooker as he recalled the love he felt for his husband.

As Dr Paul Hand delivered a speech remembering his late partner’s life, a Christian protester interrupted him to mock his grief with uncontrollable laughter.

Anti-gay Christian protester cruelly laughs as gay man grieves for husband (VIDEO)

Dr Hard was speaking at a press conference in Alabama after it was revealed that the state’s Chief Justice Roy Moore is to face an ethics trial after abusing his authority by blocking gay weddings.

However, as he attempted to speak about his marriage and grief – despite multiple interruptions – a man in the crowed began to laugh.

Dr Hand – who waged a legal fight to have his marriage recognised by the stat of Alabama – was told by the man: “You can’t have a husband.”

Dr Hard married David Fancher in 2011 in Massachusetts. Just a few months later Fancher was killed in an auto accident.

Their marriage was officially recognised by the State of Alabama in February of 2015.

Meanwhile, just feet away, Moore – who was suspended for defying the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling – spoke to his own supporters, many of whom carried homophobic signs reading “homosexuality destroys families” and “sodomy ruins nations” according to Instinct.

After the US Supreme Court ruled in favour of equal marriage last summer, Moore tried to actively disregard the rulings – issuing a number of judicial orders to officials in a brazen attempt to re-ban gay weddings.

He declared the Supreme Court rulings “doesn’t apply” in Alabama due to state anti-gay laws and ordered probate judges to enforce a gay marriage ban – but soon learned the hard way you can’t just ignore the highest court in America.

Moore was indefinitely suspended after the Judicial Inquiry Commission launched action against him for his string of illegal orders – and it was confirmed last week that he will face a trial on the allegations that he “flagrantly disregarding and abusing his authority” in his crusade against gay weddings.

Watch the moment of blatant disrespect towards Dr Hand below: