Watch: Drag star interviews ‘white genocide’ Trump supporters

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Drag superstar Courtney Act made a surprising appearance this week outside a Donald Trump rally.

The Australian-born RuPaul’s Drag Race alum took to a rally for the billionaire reality TV start-turned Republican Presidential hopeful.

In a post for Junkee, she explained: “My whole goal of going to the rally was to understand people. I didn’t want to belittle or mock them. I really wanted to have conversations and listen in the hope that we could find some common ground.”

She found plenty of Trump supporters willing to talk to her – but most of them appeared unaware that she was a drag queen.

The drag artist recounted: “We got to the rally and set up the cameras and began interviewing people straight away. People were eager to talk and either didn’t seem to mind or realise that I was in drag.

“I can only assume I underestimated my ability to pass as a woman, as I don’t think I stumbled on a part of the world that was totally accepting of a gender variant being such as myself.

“The atmosphere was different than what I was expecting; lighter and more jovial. People were excited to be on their way to a Trump rally.”

One of the most shocking encounters is with a group holding a sign reading ‘Diversity = White Genocide’.

The man holding the sign explained: “We stand for the racial and cultural preservation of the European people who built America. Our ultimate goal is to break America up into different ethno-states, and to give the blacks their own country.”

Asked about the wording of the sign, he said: “It just happened to be the only banner I have at the moment, so we just kind of went with it.”

Courtney Act remarked on the absence of actual facts or policies that Trump supporters could list. Trump has identified just seven actual policy points across all areas – unprecedented for a major party’s Presidential candidate.

She wrote: “[Trump]’s tactics are dividing the nation, othering women, Mexicans, Muslims, African Americans, gays and just about anyone who isn’t a white straight man.

“That’s who Trump wants to make America great again for. What he really means when he says that is, ‘make America great again for me’.