Gay Bachelor ‘Finding Prince Charming’ contestant to come out as HIV-positive

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A Gay Bachelor ‘Finding Prince Charming’ contestant has revealed that he is HIV-positive.

According to TMZ, one of the 13 men cast on the show to hook up with the gay bachelor will reveal that he is HIV+.


Robert Sepulveda Jr, the Gay Bachelor, was apparently told early on during filming, and that the reveal will “become a focal point”, a source told TMZ.

Sepulveda Jr is apparently supportive of the cast member, and the reveal will turn out to be “emotional”.

While the show has already been taped, it will air later this year.

Gay cable channel LogoTV, home of RuPaul’s Drag Race, earlier this year commissioned the upcoming reality show Finding Prince Charming.

According to a statement from Logo, the show features 13 handsome suitors living together in a house and competing for the heart of a gorgeous Prince.

Former NSYNC singer Lance Bass is set to host the show, which is being produced by Brian Graden Media.

Bass is no stranger to TV attention – filming his own wedding and airing it as a reality show last year.

‘Lance Loves Michael: The Lance Bass Wedding’ featured the singer’s nuptials with long-term partner Michael Turchin, airing a few months before last year’s Supreme Court ruling on equal marriage.

Finding Prince Charming will air on Logo this autumn.