Kylie says her fiancé is ‘so adamant’ same-sex marriage comes to Australia

Kylie Minogue says her fiancé Joshua Sasse is “so adamant” that same-sex marriage comes to Australia.

The pop sensation has confirmed her support for same-sex marriage and said she thought it was “backward” that the country didn’t already have it in place.

Joshua Sasse

Her fiancé, Sasse, has already been vocal on the issue of equal marriage Down Under comparing it with Mauritania’s abolition of slavery.

The gay icon told the Daily Telegraph that he can’t “fathom” why same-sex marriage still isn’t a thing.

She said: “He’s so adamant to fight for gay rights in Australia and it’s coming from the most genuine place. He just can’t fathom that same-sex marriage hasn’t been legalised and of course I back him up on that, we are waiting for it to happen.”

Recently after an interview, Sasse hit back at the Australian press for misquoting him and ignoring things he had said about LGBT rights.

Joshua Sasse 2

Earlier this year, Kylie appeared on Sasse’s show, Galavant, where she was the ‘Queen of Gay Bars’ and encouraged revellers to rip off her partner’s shirt.