One Million Moms attack ‘transgender’ H&M model… but she’s not actually trans

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Puritanical Christian group One Million Moms has launched a boycott of H&M after mistaking a Muay Thai fighting champ for a transgender woman.

The right-wing pressure group, renowned for its ridiculous string of anti-LGBT boycotts, threatened the fashion chain in a release this week over latest fashion ad ‘She’s a Lady’.

The ad features a range of women modelling different styles.

The Christian group fumed: “1MM is not sure of H&M clothing company’s thought process behind their new television ad, but if they are attempting to offend customers and families, they have succeeded.

“H&M’s newest ‘She’s A Lady’ commercial includes what appears to be a man dressed as a woman in one segment, another woman wearing skimpy lingerie, and ends with two teenage girls kissing while underwater.

“Parents find this type of advertising inappropriate and unnecessary especially since H&M’s target market is teens.

“H&M Marketing Team may have thought this type of advertising was politically correct, but not only is it disgusting and confusing for children, it is pushing the LBGT agenda.

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“Let H&M know their new ad is irresponsible.”

The group encouraged its supporters to send a pre-written email complaining about the “disgusting commercial” that should be pulled “for our children’s best interest”.

However, as blogger JoeMyGod points out, the so-called “man dressed as a woman” in the ad is actually female Champion Muay Thai Boxer Fatima Pinto, who is not transgender.
One Million Moms attack ‘transgender’ H&M model… but she’s not actually trans
Ironically, the ad does also fleetingly feature H&M model Hari Nef, who is transgender, but 1MM apparently didn’t notice.

Despite their name, One Million Moms are an offshoot of the male-dominated evangelical American Family Association. They have just 3500 mostly-male Twitter followers.

The group has launched an extensive range of anti-LGBT boycotts in the past, snubbing everything from Archie comics to cracker brand Honey Maid over a perceived ‘homosexual agenda’.

In recent years, One Million Moms has also called on good honest Christians to boycott Star Wars-themed soup, Urban Outfitters, the Disney Channel, TargetThe New Normal, Jennifer Lopez, TV show Impastor, JC Penney and Glee.