Magistrate sacked for saying it was wrong for gay couples to adopt will sue

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A magistrate who was sacked for suggesting same-sex couples should not bring up children has said he plans to take legal action over his dismissal.

Richard Page, 70, lost his position as an NHS Trust Director and claims that he was discriminated against because of his religion.

Page was initially suspended by the NHS Trust Development Authority and ordered to take an equality course in 2014, after he refused to agree with colleagues in the magistrates court that placing a child in the care of a same-sex couple would be in its interest.

Page said to the BBC that “My responsibility as a magistrate, as I saw it, was to do what I considered best for the child, and my feeling was therefore that it would be better if it was a man and woman who were the adopted parents.”

After previously saying he would sue Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, he has now set his sights on Justice Secertary Liz Truss.

He has now said he will take legal action against the NHS Trust, as well as against the Secretary of State for Justice.

Page said he will claim he was discriminated against for his religion under the Equality Act 2010.

The former NHS manager in mental health services was told his views may have a “negative impact” on the Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust before he was sacked.

He is being supported by the Christian Legal Centre. Chief Executive Andrea Williams from the group previously told the Mail on Sunday: “Once again we find political leaders washing their hands of Christians prepared to stand up for their faith.”

Page was represented by the controversial Williams when he attempted to sue Lord Chancellor Michael Gove.

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