A transgender woman brutally attacked in Georgia has died

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A transgender woman has died after she was violently attacked in Georgia.

32-year-old Zizi Shekeladze was waiting at a bus stop in the capital, Tbilisi, when she was hit with a concrete bar multiple times before her throat was cut.

Shekeladze died in hospital a month after the attack which happened on the 14th of October. She suffered severe head fractures, skull trauma and was on life support in intensive care before dying.

Activists and NGO’s have come together to seek justice for the woman and ensure the defendant is tried for a hate crime.

A statement reported by Georgia today said: “Fundamental defects in the justice system, and the absolute non-existence of equality laws in Georgia country have created an environment of impunity and transformed the LGBT community as the most marginalised social group in the country.”

The groups are working to get the attack recognised as a hate crime. Ucha Nanuashvili, a public defender, is working to determine if the victim was specifically targeted for her trans identity.

Nanuashvili’s said: “Unfortunately, in most cases, hate crimes are not taken into consideration during investigations. What is troubling is how ambiguous and incompetent the investigative methods are when dealing with a case like this.”

A man suspected in the attack has arrested and charged with attempted murder awaiting a court hearing which will be held on December the 8th.

Friends of the victim have warned the community to be extra vigilant following the attack.

Eka Jamagidze said: “My transgender friends, please be careful. I loved you [Zizi] very much and I do not want your loss. I hope that the prosecutors will be on the right trail,” she said.